Saturday, March 1, 2014

Create Most Effective BackLink Part 4

Most Effective BackLink Part 4

If you want to get your Backlinks Indexed fast use Angela Technic.
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Continue with Angela Technic....

SITE NAME: FanPOP                      RANK: 6

1) First go to Site:
2) Click Join Fanpop.

3) Fill up the registration form as a valid user.

4) Now fill-up your personal information form and submit it.

5) Join any club given bellow.

6) Then click Continue registration>>>
7) Choice your profile image and click Continue registration>>

8) Now Click Checkout your profile page.
9) Click Edit Profile.

10) Set your Web sites address.

11) Then Submit.

12) Your site link will look like this.

Thank you And enjoy.


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