Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Spring Season From My Roof

The king of season spring has come. Everywhere is dressing with various colors. The climate at this time is very pleasant.  The mango, litchi and other trees are blossoming. Most Flowers start to bloom. The air is full of sweet smell. The bees collect nectar from flowers to flowers. The trees that has lost their leaves in winter they are blossoming new leaves. The colors are around.  The nature is dressing with new colors. There are starting breezes from the south. It is neither too cold nor too hot.

I can feel the spring from my roof. From my roof I can see the beauty of nature in the spring. This is great feelings. Colors are everywhere. And I think how beautiful the spring season of Bangladesh.

The Mango blossom


  1. I definitely have to agree with you, Rodney. The flowers from that roof is so beautiful! I'm certain that the owner of that building is planning to have a green roof.

  2. Green is can save us. We love the trees.