Monday, February 11, 2013

Adulteration Preventive Awareness Engrossment.

On the occation of opening ceremoney of Swarnali Computer Training Center at 26-01-2013 we arranged adulteration preventive awareness engrossment. The great fighter against adulteration preventive fight Mr. Rokon-ud-Dowla was present as chief guest of this meeting. The chairman of this meeting was Mr. Lion Alhazh Mozammel Haque Bhuiyan. The Swarnali Computer Training Center was opened by the famous journalist Mr. Lion Mir Abdul Alim.
Chief Guest Mr. Rokon-ud-Dowla 
 We will know the meaning of adulteration is mixed with poor food or washed-septic food. But what we have seen in the expedition against of adulteration of Mr. Rokon-ud-Dowla. Formalin used for conserve the dead animals. Insecticide used for kill insects. Fertilizer used for make fertile the land. Fabrics color used for colored yarns or cloths or others.

Mixing Insecticide with fruits
Now formalin used in fishes, fleshes, milks, vegitables etc. The fishes mixed with formalin even do not like flies but we bound to eat.
Insecticide is now mixed in fruits for quick ripen fruits. Also used in dried fishes for long time conservancy.
Fertilizer used for create dried rice.
Fabrics color is used for coloring various kinds of foods.  Even is used coloring chocolates, chuing-gum, lollipops etc.

The Mission agenest adulteration

The Mission agenest adulteration
The Mission agenest adulteration

Moreover light drinks, baby foods, life saving medicine, even in bloods everything are adulterate.  Before, we saw the fruits were rotting so fast within 4-7 days. Now this fruits are still looking fresh more than 30 days.

The Mission agenest adulteration

Some wicked businessmen are mixing these poisons with our foods. We are totally helpless, so we bound to eat this adulterated foods. As a result, we attacked with various diseases, like as Diabetics, Cancer, Blood presser, Kidney diseases and many more. Even our children are attacked by these diseases. For this reason now the business of Diagnostic/Medical is so hot. Then everywhere establish clinics. 

The Mission agenest adulteration
Mr. Rokon-ud-Dowla has started fisrt war agenest adulteration and wicked businessman. He is punished this wicked businessman. But the wicked businessman are so powerful they removed his duty.

Now we are totaly hopeless. 

Journalist Mr. Lion Mir Abdul Alim.

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