Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Will Happen Tomorrow?

Look at this place. This may not beautiful place. This Not a great place. Here happened something that noticed me.  Last winter I took some photographs of open places. Nothing special just taken this photo. Here is one of this.  

What Will Happen Tomorrow?

But few days before when I saw this place again. What I saw? I was thunder. What happened here? Is this same place? This place is totally changed.
Some people build house there in a short time. There are some trees in this “Red Mark” area. They cut them. 

What Will Happen Tomorrow?

This is happening everywhere in Bangladesh. Our population is growing so fast. This fast growing people they need more houses. So they made house everywhere cutting trees. 
Think if this happening, “What Will Happen Tomorrow?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Delicious Fruits Of Bangladesh

“Joystho” is the last month of summer. This is called “Modhu Mas”. Because at this time there are various kinds of sweet fruits are available in this country. Mongo, Jackfruit, Lichi, Black Berry, and Pineapples are most of them. This Fruits also called "Modhu Fal". The Jackfruit is the National Fruit of Bangladesh. These fruits are not only looking attractive but also delicious to eat. They also have high Food Value. These fruits are favorites to most of people in this country. At that time they invite their close relatives for eating this fruits.   
Do you like this fruits? Come to my country you are invited for this.

The National Fruit of Bangladesh 

Delicious Fruits

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Festival Of Bangladesh "Pohela Boishakh".

Pohela Boishakh” is one of the most popular Festival of Bangladesh. It is Bengal New Year's Day festival.  People of every age & every religious celebrate the Day.  This is a National Festival of Bangladesh.  We usually celebrate this on the 14th of April. On this day there are setup Fair everywhere in Bangladesh where large numbers of people gather early in the morning until night on this day.  People buy agricultural products, traditional handicrafts, toys, cosmetics, as well as various kinds of food and sweets the day. People also eat “Panta Ilish”. This is a traditional food on that day.

You are highly invited on that Day in Bangladesh. We ensure you that you must enjoy it. 

Village Fair On Pohela Boishakh
 Village Fair On Pohela Boishakh

Boishakhi Rely
 Rely of Charukola

Nagor Dola
 Nagor Dola on Pohela Boishakh

Panta Ilish
 Traditional Food "Panta Ilish"

Boishakhi Rely

Boishakhi Fair in Kanchan Bharat Chandra High School
 Village Fair On Pohela Boishakh

Boishakhi Fair in Kanchan
 Village Fair On Pohela Boishakh

Boishakhi Fair
 Village Fair On Pohela Boishakh

Boishakhi Fair
 Village Fair On Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh in Botomul
 Pohela Boishakh in Botomul

Celebration on Pohela Boishakh
Celebration in Dhaka on Pohela Boishakh

Saturday, June 9, 2012


After working so hard for something we feel so tired.  But when we see the result of our work then feel proud.
I’ve a garden on my roof. I work hard for it. But I feel great because look how beautiful it is! What do you think about this.

Beautiful Rose On My Roof

Beautiful Rose

Beautiful Flower

Beautiful Flowers

I love all this flowers

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Beauty Of Dew On Paddy Crop

I've visit far miles (K.Ms) and many countries.
Saw oceans and hills.
But did not see opening my eyes
Just two steps from home
The beauty of a -
Dew drop on a paddy crop.

The Beauty Of Dew Drop on Paddy Crops

This is not only a blog. This is my opinion what I’ve like or dislike.  You may agree with me or not I don’t mind, that is your opinion. I will tell or show you whatever I saw in my steps.