Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Will Happen Tomorrow?

Look at this place. This may not beautiful place. This Not a great place. Here happened something that noticed me.  Last winter I took some photographs of open places. Nothing special just taken this photo. Here is one of this.  

What Will Happen Tomorrow?

But few days before when I saw this place again. What I saw? I was thunder. What happened here? Is this same place? This place is totally changed.
Some people build house there in a short time. There are some trees in this “Red Mark” area. They cut them. 

What Will Happen Tomorrow?

This is happening everywhere in Bangladesh. Our population is growing so fast. This fast growing people they need more houses. So they made house everywhere cutting trees. 
Think if this happening, “What Will Happen Tomorrow?

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  1. clear criticism , the world will love us,.. if there's a lot of people like you.