Saturday, July 28, 2012

Most Valuable River Of Bangladesh: SHITAL LAKKHA

River Shital Lakkha
Beautiful Views River Shital Lakkha
Shital Lakkha is a very beautiful river of Bangladesh. It is started from River Brahmaputra near Boibor City and flow over Brahmman Baria, Gazipur and Narayanganj districts then fall into River Meghna at near Narayanganj Meghna Ghat.  “Shital” means "Cool". She never harmful for those who are livening besides her. She is flowing gently years after years.   For this reason the living person of near her lovely called her “Shital Lakkha”.

River Shital Lakkha
Beautiful View of  River Shital Lakkha
River Shital Lakkha
Beautiful Views One Part of River Shital Lakkha

Sinha Group of Industries
Sinha Group of Industries Beside Shital Lakkha
Sinha Group of IndustriesShital Lakkha is a one of the most valuable river of Bangladesh. Because large number of industries are situated both sides of the river. 

Narayanganj is called the eastern Dandy. The Narayanganj stands on the bank of river Shital Lakkha. Narayanganj is the one of most important “River Port of Bangladesh. Large numbers of goods are carried by this river everyday many places of Bangladesh.

River Port of Shital Lakkha
River Port, Narayanganj

Also large numbers of people travel their destination by this river every day. 

Shital Lakkha
Carrying Goods By Shital Lakkha

The world largest jute mills “Adamjee Jute Mills” was situated beside this river at 1957. Although the Adamjee Jute Mills now lay off but now it is converted to “Adamjee Export Processing Zone (Adamjje EPZ)” where thousands of people are working.

The World Largest Jute Mills "Adamjee
Jute Mills" Beside River Shital Lakkha
Adamjee Jute Mills

Adamjee EPZ
Main Gate of Adamjee EPZ

Adamjee EPZ
People Working At Adamjee EPZ.

River Shital Lakkha
Part Of River Shital Lakkha

River Shital Lakkha
Beautiful Views of River Shital Lakkha

River Of Bangladesh  "Shital Lakkha"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Very Simple Beauty of Nature

May be they born in bush or beside the path. They have no economical value. May be we avoid them. For this we do not avoid their beauty. They are also gift of nature. They also give the nature a great beauty. They decorated the nature. When you look them closer & feel from hart then you may see their beauty. They just have born for other.

Beauty of Nature

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What About Our Environment?

Few days before I saw some people are cutting these trees. At that time they cut off 50 more trees. Can you imagine what this is?  I told them why they do this? They said that they were bought these trees. So, they cut these trees for wood. I can’t tell any more because I’ve no right to tell them “STOP”

I am thinking what will happen to our environment. Where will we stay if all trees are cut off from our planet? Why they do not understand? How can we save our planet?