Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How To Configure Google Analytics for Blogger Blog.

How To Configure Google Analytics for Blogger Blog.
Google Analytics  is one of the most effective for SEO. This is very useful to count pageviews, visits, unique visitors, bounce rate, time on site and more. And also provides comprehensive statistics on website/blog audience, traffic sources, content, keywords and more.

Adding Google Analytics to a Blogger blog is easy way without copy-pasting Javascripts.

Creating Google Analytics Account.

1)        First Create a Gmail/Google account.
2)        Sign in your Google account.
3)        Go to Google Analytics,  click the Sign up button. 

4)        Fill up the form with right information.

5)        Choice your country Terms aspect.
6)        Copy your Tracing ID UA-xxxxxxxx-y ( Exp: UA-36328764-1)

Installing Google Analytics on your blog

1)        Now sign in your Blogger account.
2)        Click Settings>Others.

3)        Past your Tracing ID into Google Analytics Analytics Web Property ID
4)        Save your sattings.

Your account will activate with in 24 hours.

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  1. Just found your blog - I haven't got analytics on my blog either so thanks it looks pretty simple to follow. You make it look easy. Keep up your writing!