Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is The Real Job of a Tractor?

Tractors in Rural Roads
Is this tractors Real Job?
When I see a Tractor I confuse what is the real job of it, Cultivate crops fields or rural roads? These tractors imported as agricultural products. So they have no VAT. In this reason some wicked importer of Bangladesh, importee these tractors very cheap rate and then they convert these tractors to transporter and sell them with high profit. These converted tractors use to transport stones, bricks, mud, sands, logs and many other heavy goods. In front of view this may impressive news. But if you observe deeply then you find out the real situation of this matter. First think where they used. Most of the tractors are used to transport in rural area’s roads. We all know that how silly the rural roads are! They are constructed very silly way. When these tractors driven with their demon looking wheels on these roads. Think what happened to the rural roads. Very soon these roads look like cultivated fields.
Most often these demon tractors driven by under aged men. They are only 14-20 age. They have no academic training most of them illiterate. Most of them work as a labor in the tractor. After few days they become a driver.
Tractors on Bangladeshi Rural Roads
Condition of Rural Roads

No one has told anything to them. Because the owner of this tractor so powerful. Even Government Administration of Bangladesh can’t take any steps to stop them. Because most of them (the owner of these tractors) local political leaders of ruling party.

Tractor on Rural Roads
Condition of Rural Roads & Situation of Passerby.
So nothing have to say, just see wordless.

Condition of Rural Roads
This is the Road Condition.

Rural Roads
Can You Imagine the Rural Road Condition of Bangladesh?

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